Only Next Generation, an emerging artists showcase.

  • Dates: July 26 - 28, 2018
  • Location: St. Louis, MO
  • Role: Organizer
  • Link: ONG
  • Collaborators:
    • Fabricatorz Foundation
    • Red Bull
    • Eric Dante
    • NAAFI
    • ICE
    • Hayden Molinarolo

O.N.G. (ONLY NEXT GENERATION), is a one night music and visual media experience headlined by Mexico City’s experimental club music collective NAAFI, St. Louis rapper Eric Dontè, and orchestrated by artist Hayden Molinarolo, also performing as his alter-ego, DETH_BB.

O.N.G. is the launch party for Fabricatorz Foundation, and kicks off a series of art and music events creating collaborations between international acts and local rising artists. O.N.G. is a uniquely midwestern take on the “art party”, which re-imagines a concert and gallery experience through an accessible club environment. It catalyzes cross-cultural exchange between St. Louis and global art and music communities, pushing the boundaries of art and music programming, and establishing St. Louis as the epicenter of a next generation of cultural activity.

“NAAFI is redefining experimental media and club culture. Fabricatorz Foundation is bringing NAAFI’s brand of Mexican Futurism to St. Louis for the first time to accelerate and connect St. Louis to Mexico City and to make the artists stronger in both places,” says Tyler Mathews, board member and co-founder of Fabricatorz Foundation. “O.N.G., pronounced O-N-G, is named after famous St. Louis media-theorist, Walter Ong, and the O.N.G. event highlights the long media art history of St. Louis, attracting progressive minds and innovative culture.”

Organizing the entire exhibition is contemporary artist Hayden Molinarolo, aka Deth_BB, rising St. Louis star, and producer of hip-hop artist Eric Donte’s upcoming album, A Lamp in a Room. Molinarolo, (pronounced, MOLE-IN-A-ROLO), is already designing and building the space at the Fabricatorz Foundation’s #breakerspace01 residency, at Cortex Innovation District’s 4240 Heritage Building.

“We’re grafting the underworld of the Mayan with Midwest Futurism,” said DETH_BB. “Come to O.N.G. at the #breakerspace01 and be prepared to experience a labyrinth of artwork and special guests, all culminating in a performance by my alter-ego, DETH_BB, and Eric Dontè. NAAFI will finish you off for the night in a hallucinogenic Mexico City-infused alternate reality experience.”

The ticket fee and any profits are donations to support local St. Louis art tech media artists.

About Fabricatorz Foundation Fabricatorz Foundation is a St. Louis based non-profit supporting creative technologists with community-focused initiatives that drive innovation through art and technology. The Foundation is made up of a team who have lead projects for Fortune 500 companies, A-list international artists, top museums, galleries, and educational institutions around the world.

About NAAFI Mexico City-based left-field electronic label NAAFI performs “ritmos periféricos,” or outsider rhythms: intense, hard-hitting, and distinctly Latinx electronic music. NAAFI is an experimental club music collective and label from Mexico City. The LA Times said, “NAAFI is changing club culture around the globe.“

About DETH_BB Hayden Molinarolo, aka DETH_BB, is a musician, photographer and digital artist based in St Louis. Taking cues from commercial photography, his work plunges into the uncanny valley through digitally manipulated images that challenge mainstream notions of beauty and normalcy.

About Eric Dontè Eric Dontè, aka Melanin Manson, is a St. Louis-based rapper, singer, musician, model, performer, and artist that defines categories. A trendsetting social music pioneer rooted in genre bending hip-hop post-Odd Future tinged by Manson-like darkness with post-trap beats, Eric’s introspective soul searching continues in his upcoming album A Lamp in a Room. About Oui.Gallery Global contemporary art gallery feat. emerging artists, making innovative shows in Saint Louis + Hong Kong. Oui.Gallery is sponsoring Hayden Molinarola’s work.

About Breakerspaces Breakerspaces are spaces dedicated to artists deconstructing — or “breaking” — new technology, disruptive innovation, and the status quo. In April, 2018, Fabricatorz Foundation held the first month long #breakerspace01 residency at CIC St. Louis in the Cortex Innovation District.