UNESCO 70th Anniversary

Architectural projection mapping of UNESCO headquarters; large scale interactive touch-screen narrative wall.

  • Dates: November 14th, 2015
  • Location: UNESCO Headquaters, Paris, FR
  • Role: Software Director
  • Collaborators:
    • UNESCO
    • Li Ka Shing Foundation
    • Obscura Digital
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 1
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 2
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 3
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 4
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 5
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 6
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 7
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 8
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 9
UNESCO 70th Anniversary 10

For UNESCO’s 70th anniversary, Obscura Digital was tasked with immortalizing UNESCO’s defining moments over the last 70 years as well as highlighting universal issues that still need the world’s collective attention.

Everything was on track until the Paris attacks occurred, just three days before the live large-scale projection was scheduled. In collaboration with UNESCO, the Li Ka Shing Foundation, and under the newly formed Mosaic of Change platform, Obscura Digital quickly developed new, timely content to project on the facades of UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. The content promoting peace in the six official UN languages projected the next day in time for the Director General’s press conference addressing the world on the tragedy.

The celebration was able to continue as scheduled for November 16 when Obscura’s Architectural Projection Experience curated by Millennium Art went live. The narrative of the show spanned from 1945-2015 starting with UNESCO’s founding purpose and progressing to a finale focused on imagining peace.

“Mosaic of Change utilizes art and technology to educate and inform citizens about how UNESCO functions as a hub to forge universal agreements on the most pressing modern issues,” noted Eric Falt, Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Public Information at UNESCO. “This creative platform reflects what we have achieved to date, and reminds us of focusing our time and resources where change is still needed most.”

In addition to the live architectural projection event, Obscura developed the MOC Interactive Media installation on exhibit at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris from November 3 – December 18 2015, spanning several high level events ranging from the General Conference, Leaders Forum, and the COP21 Climate Change Conference.