Going (in the) Dark

Interactive installation for Art Hack Day "Going Dark".

  • Dates: 2013
  • Location: Berlin, DE
  • Role: co-Creator
  • Collaborators:
    • Daniel Massey
Going (in the) Dark 1
Going (in the) Dark 2
Going (in the) Dark 3

Going (in the) Dark was a speed installation created for Art Hack Day “Going Dark” in Berlin. Art Hack Day is a cross between a hackathon and exhibition for artists whose medium is technology, and technologists whose medium is art. Created over the course of 24 hours, Going (in the) Dark forced the bathroom-goers at the Art Hack Day exhibition to make noise to keep the lights on in the restroom facilities. In what is usually a socially aware environment for sounds, participants were asked to subvert convention to be as loud as possible to operate within the space.