Diageo Blue Label

Projected digital art-gallery / advertizing display.

  • Dates: 2013
  • Location: Art Basel Miami, Singapore Changi Airport, London Heathrow
  • Role: Software Director
  • Collaborators:
    • Obscura Digital
Diageo Blue Label 1
Diageo Blue Label 2
Diageo Blue Label 3
Diageo Blue Label 4
Diageo Blue Label 5
Diageo Blue Label 6

To showcase Johnnie Walker Blue Label premium blend, Diageo Global Travel partnered with Obscura Digital to create an immersive digital experience at Singapore Changi Airport. Described as the world’s first 3D art in a bottle, the installation used the latest projection technology to display digital artworks by internationally renowned artists in bottles standing almost 10 feet tall. The installation traveled from Singapore to London Heathrow, and from there to Miami International Airport.

Taking the form of a 3D art exhibition in a bottle, it has been created in conjunction with some of the world’s most talented and up-and-coming artists including Anrika Rupp and duo, Coral Morphologic amongst others. It will showcase the artists’ unique interpretation of ‘The Rare Blend’ and pay tribute to the rarity and craftsmanship synonymous with Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Using the latest in projection techniques, a collection of artistic endeavors will be showcased from inside three large format Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles that stand at almost three metres tall. The large bottles will be filled with bespoke, 3D artworks that employ state of the art projection technology to create spectacular digital works of art for Miami travelers to enjoy.

Each artwork in the Gallery brings to life a key element of the heritage of Johnnie Walker Blue Label:

Works by Anrika Rupp and Coral Morphologic in the JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL Gallery in Miami International AirportCoral Morphologic: In partnership with the University of Miami, Coral Morphologic represents a rare collaboration between a marine biologist and musician. Both are born pioneers, with a shared vision to highlight the artistic potential of living coral reef organisms. Their vibrant and complex lifecycle reflects the evolution of the whisky in the cask and the process the Master Blender undertakes when blending Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Anrika Rupp: Miami resident, Anrika Rupp states that the aim of her work is to unravel the complexities of the world through fine art and photography. Johnnie Walker Blue Label owes its existence to the rare craft of its Master Blenders, whose unbroken blending heritage stretches back over 190 years. Rupp takes inspiration from this mastery to deliver the ultimate homage to their unique ability to blend elusive flavours captured from the four corners of Scotland. Rupp’s fascinating vision reflects the essence of a blend that is truly a work of art.

Kai & Sunny: Kai & Sunny are a duo of artists who have exhibited internationally, collaborated with designers such as Alexander McQueen, and recently been acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum print collection. Their Johnnie Walker Blue Label Gallery creation displays their passion for the natural world resulting in a mesmerising animation where the simple becomes complex in an ever-changing cycle of smooth lines. A fitting tribute to a blend made of the rarest whiskies.

Doug Bagley, Managing Director, Diageo Global Travel & Middle East comments:

“Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a blend of unrivalled luxury. It deliberately and expertly draws together some of the rarest whiskies from the four corners of Scotland. With that in mind, the artists have taken the theme of ‘The Rare Blend’ as their inspiration, to produce a unique creation that is reflective of the pioneering, game-changing ethos of Johnnie Walker Blue Label . We’re delighted with the results and we have enjoyed exploring the synergies between the worlds of art and whisky for this Gallery, which we hope will surprise and delight Miami travellers.”