YouTube Brandcast 2012

Stage performance featuring Neon Trees, FloRida, and JayZ.

  • Dates: May 2nd, 2012
  • Location: Beacon Theater, New York, NY
  • Role: Software Director
  • Collaborators:
    • Obscura Digital
    • WorldStage
    • Good Sense & Company
    • YouTube
YouTube Brandcast 2012 1
YouTube Brandcast 2012 2
YouTube Brandcast 2012 3

YouTube Brandcast is an event that showcases YouTube’s new channels and presents opportunities for brands to reach different audiences through digital video and across Google. More importantly, it’s a way for innovative brands to re-envision brand-building online.

For the 2012 Brandcast event, Obscura transformed New York City’s historic Beacon Theater with seamless LED imagery and holographic projections.

Presentation talking points were brought to life with Obscura’s 3D integrated animation and holographic imagery. Interactive 3D backdrops were created to animate the performances of Neon Trees, FloRida, and JayZ.

The Brandcast events provided an exclusive look into the future of the world’s largest video platform. Obscura helped clearly communicate YouTube’s story in a way that was dramatic, entertaining, and unforgettable.