Experiemental sample browser and mixer.

  • Dates: April, 2012
  • Location: Online
  • Role: Developer
  • Link: OvalDNA
  • Collaborators:
    • Markus Popp – concept, audio content
    • Frieda Luczak – graphics, interface design
OvalDNA 1

OvalDNA player is a unique, indie sample browser add-on to Oval’s recent, 2-disc concept album “OvalDNA”.

OvalDNA player represents a, well, playful approach to handling sound files including a few unique takes on the traditional sequencing paradigm. OvalDNA player is part colorful, casual sound browser, part sound-over-time music tool for AIFF and WAV samples.

The release version ( “iteration 1”) of OvalDNA player comes loaded with a set of 8x8 customized Oval sounds (“OvalDNA Soundpack 1”). Users can also import their own sounds - or they may start with those 2000+ free (and neatly pre-sorted) Oval AIFF sound files included on the DVD-ROM of the physical, 2-disc retail release of the “OvalDNA” album.