Computer reactive dance, video and audio performance work.

  • Dates: 2006
  • Location:
  • Role: Video Developer
  • Collaborators:
    • Margaret Schedel – composer
    • Allison Rootberg – choreography, dance

FleshLightMovement is a piece by Kinesthetech Sense, an organization founded with the intent to collaborate with visual artists, dancers, and musicians creating ferociously interactive experiences for audiences throughout the world.

In the piece shadows of the dancer, cast on a screen, are interpreted to directly influence the sounds in the composition. This linking of dancer and music allows the composition to be evolved over time by the choreography, creating a dynamic work. I developed the software to translate these shadows into compositional states, and the time delayed video projection.

The metaphors surround light and its absence are powerful, encompassing truth, revelation, discovery, memory and consciousness. FleshLightMovement is an activated space that creates new metaphores from movement, media and sound. Events, both sonic and graphic, are repeated, shaped, and manipulated over time. Someone casts a shadow onto a screen as the image of the shadow is then processed and projected onto a second screen. Thus, there exist three planes of movement: human, shadow, and manipulated shadow, mirroring the three planes of existence in Buddhist philosophy; the planes of desire, form, and the incorporeal. The density of the shadow in different areas of the screen transforms an ambient sonic texture and participants can trigger bells by reaching up to the heavens, interjecting pointillistic commentary into the wash of sound.


  • December 06. Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival. Bellingham, WA.
  • August 30, 2007. International Computer Music Conference. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • May 24-2, 2007. Rivolta. Venice, Italy.
  • May 17, 2007. Zentrale Randlage. Berlin, Germany.