Interactive, data networked, string trio.

  • Dates: 2009
  • Location: Berkeley, CA
  • Role: Lead Developer, Technical Manager
  • Collaborators:
    • Keith McMillen – Hardware, Composer, Guitar
    • Marielle Jakobsons – Violin
    • Ashley Adams – Bass
TrioMetrik 1
TrioMetrik 2
TrioMetrik 3
TrioMetrik 4
TrioMetrik 5

TrioMetrik is an string ensemble exploring rich interactivity in electronic music. Using enhanced instruments coupled through an intelligent computer network, we create new music that is reactive, introspective, and fluid; resulting in surprising complexity and intimacy.

At the heart of TrioMetrik is a computer system dubbed MAPPS. It serves as the hub of the musician network and collects, interprets, and acts on the musical information played by the ensemble. They in turn react to it; in this way it functions much like the fourth member of TrioMetrik. At BEAM I am involved in the development and maintenance of this system, as well as the research of other new methods for interactivity in the performing arts.

This system analyzes the notes, gestures and intentions of the musicians and uses it to generate new music, process the sounds of the ensemble, and affect the score. A formalized personal display system provides notation, directions, and feedback that guide the musicians through the score representing the composition while reacting to their individual performances. This sophisticated level of integration of live instruments, captured audio, synthesis, video and sound processing enables a form of interactive music that is engaging, immediate, inviting, and never before possible.